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Cathy (The Book Lady) Langer

September 2011 is a landmark month here at the Tattered Cover. We are celebrating 40 years in business! The Tattered Cover Book Store began in 1971 as a small store with only 950 square feet of retail space and two employees in the Cherry Creek North district of Denver. I began my bookselling career in that little store in September of 1977, though little did I know then that it would be my career. When Joyce Meskis, who purchased the store from the original owner in 1974, offered me a job back then, she asked if I would commit to a year at the store because the training was very involved. I agreed to the year, though not without some degree of trepidation, a year seeming to be a very long time to my very young self. My now very middle-aged self has never looked back. Career counselors in college don't mention bookselling when they are steering their charges into the job market but it's hard for me to imagine spending my working life occupied by anything as deeply rewarding. So here we are now, and with the support of our wonderful customers, our locally owned business has grown over 40 years into one of the premier bookstores in America, with three expansive locations in the greater Denver area.

Beginning Monday, September 5, 2011, at all three Tattered Cover locations, customers will enjoy 40 days of discounts, give-aways, special offers and events, and more! The celebration will culminate on
Saturday, October 15, with a party for customers at each store. Visit the Tattered Cover at www.tatteredcover.com to learn more about our 40 years in business, and our upcoming

Of course for book lovers, every day that a wonderful new books hits the bookstore shelves is a day for celebration. THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern is one that is garnering great hoopla and excitement. I found it magical and could not put it down and fellow Tattered Cover bookseller, Newsstand Buyer and very talented writer Pete Schulte penned a fabulous review, capturing the aura and mystery and seducing readers into its delectable embrace. Pete has expressed the magic far better than I, so here is his take on THE NIGHT CIRCUS:

“It might be daytime when you first notice a mysterious circus has arrived in your town, but the gates will remain locked until nightfall. And then, well, you're in for an after hours visual feast. There are sprawling tents done in all black and white, a bonfire of unimaginable colors, human contortion, fortune telling, and mirrors upon mirrors until you've lost track of what is real and what is not. But unknown to the patrons and most of the performers, this friendly circus may not be all that it seems. For within all the music and magic a fierce battle is about to take place. Celia, daughter of Prospero the Enchanter, must test her illusionist skills against the equally talented Marco, protegeof Alexander, the man in the gray suit. Celia and Marco have been bred since childhood to
do battle, but are woefully ignorant of the stakes. There can only be one winner in this contest; the other must die. Complications arise when Celia and Marco fall desperately in love. Naturally they want out of the contest but are told by higher powers that this cannot be done. One lives, one dies. Has you're interest been piqued yet? If so, step inside the big tent. P.T. Barnum once displayed a sign that read 'This way to the egress,' fooling some into believing an egress was something exotic to see rather than merely an exit. Trust me, you won't want to exit this circus until the very last sentence.

My own fortune telling skills are very limited. If I call for blue skies you'd better
grab an umbrella. But in the spirit of the book I gaze into my crystal ball and predict
that one day Natalie Portman will play the role of Celia Bowen in the movie version of
'The Night Circus.' The role of Marco escapes me and perhaps he is being evasive on
purpose. The battle continues and just like that...the circus is gone.”

On our shelves September 13.

Join us for our celebration. And come on in and see what else Pete and his fellow booksellers read and recommend. Happy reading!

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   Cathy Langer

Cathy Langer is the Lead Buyer for the Tattered Cover. The Tattered Cover Book Store is an independent community bookstore, serving Denver's readers for over thirty-six years. It all began in 1974 when Joyce Meskis purchased a small bookshop in Denver's Cherry Creek North district. Today Tattered Cover Book Store offers an extraordinary selection of titles in three metro-Denver locations, and a free special event nearly every day.

With lots of nooks and crannies, offering the intimacy of a smaller bookshop, and an ample supply of sofas and chairs, readers are sure to feel at home. Above all, browsers are encouraged to linger for as long as they like. Each store offers a coffee bar with many tempting treats and a well-stocked newsstand.  With its cozy atmosphere, tremendous selection of books and periodicals, and an unwavering commitment to the customer and the community, Tattered Cover Book Store is sure to become your favorite bookstore.