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1160 Madison

What happens when you combine Glaze Baum Cakes with Sushi Sasa? You get the most heavenly spot for dining. Located in the original Glaze spot, the place has been transformed into a delightful restaurant with comfortable seating, bright light, a small counter for a sweet display and the room where the cakes are made. Walk to the back and grab a seat at the sushi bar if you prefer and watch the amazing artists at work or dine in the space nearby. No matter what spot you pick, you are in for a marvelous evening. Start with soup or a variety of awesome salads: the house, Caesar, roasted beet and seaweed are all incredible. The menu features a list of terrific dishes to appeal to those not wanting sushi and so worth the trip—or a second visit for this. Hamachi Belly Poke, Duck breast udon, a rib-eye with ponzu, green garlic and aioli, and soba noodles. That is all perfect but the best is the sushi. It is totally outrageous in presentation and taste. Not sure where to begin but eggplant rolls, crab rolls, pink lady roll with jalapeno salsa, dragon roll, caterpillar roll, and shrimp tempura roll are some outstanding choices. The sashimi over rice choices are the best thing ever. Just tell chef to go for it and you will be beyond thrilled. You cannot end without dessert—just as exciting as the sushi. Chocolate uzu pave, lemongrass and ginger panna cotta, matcha baum cake, citrus mount baum, and mille fueille are only surpassed by the world’s best macaroons. In a word, what a great concept—and how lucky to have Sushi by Glaze in Denver—and in a great neighborhood to boot. Welcome and congratulations.
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Last Month's Winner: Joe Benson
Featured Restaurant: Linger


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Featured Recipes
  Elway's Downtown Prime Rib
by Chef Robert Bogart
Beef Petite Tender with Chianti Black Olive Sauce
by Chef Michel Wahaltere - miniBAR
Sugar Snap Pea ‘Angel Wing’ Casoncelli
by Strings
Peach Bruschetta and Honeydew Soup
by Root Down
Parisienne Gnocchi with Shrimp, Corn, and Pancetta
by Squeaky Bean
Chile-Braised Pork Tacos
by Duane Walker - Lola’s
Smooth Tomato Gazpacho with Dungeness Crab and Watermelon, Mint Salsa
by Hosea Rosenberg
Rackhouse Baked Mac
From Rackhouse Pub 
Chilled Colorado Tomato-Tortilla Soup and Baby Shrimp-Green Chile Salsa
By Tyler Wiard - Elway’s Cherry Creek
Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse with Coffee Cognac Whipped Cream
by Chef Remy - The BROADMOOR 
Mussels with White Wine For One Person
Bertrand Bouquin – Penrose Room Exec. Chef